Studies: Online vs Classroom Environment

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The latest studies have focused on whether online learning is as powerful as learning in traditional classroom environments. Cao and Sakchutchawan (2011) sought to inquire if on-line and conventional MBA classes were similar when it comes to quality and student satisfaction. Results didn’t show significant differences between class passing rates for on-line versus conventional pupils, but did show significant differences in class fulfillment with lower mean ratings for on-line classes. The writers reasoned that students registered in pupils registered in conventional MBA classes as well as on-line MBA classes performed; yet, on-line MBA students were satisfied with their learning experiences.


By comparison, Ashby, Sadera and McNary (2011) analyzed performance results across three distinct circumstances (i.e. face to face, blended and on-line) for pupils registered in an intermediate developmental community college mathematics class. They found that pupils registered in the conventional class scored worse than those pupils in blended and on-line classes on lessons tests and earned lower lessons averages. Additionally, the pupils in the on-line class followed by blended and conventional surroundings indicating online learning to be more efficient than classroom earned more passing scores.  The online students were distributed fairly evenly throughout social classes although some accessed from remote locations using VPNs

Effect sizes were bigger for mixed (d=0.35) versus totally on-line classes (d=0.05). Aragon, Johnson and Shaik (2002) sought to determine if pupils registered in graduate degree online versus in person lessons (Human Resources classes) differed on learning style choices and if these learning style tastes changed success in on-line versus in person learning circumstances. Results suggested the groups differed in cognitive managements with on-line pupils demonstrating greater brooding observations and favoring abstract conceptualisation (i.e. learning by believing), whereas conventional pupils reported increased use of active experiment (i.e. learning by doing). Nevertheless, results suggested that differences in learning style preferences didn’t change learning success for both groups. The writers reasoned that online learning can be as powerful as conventional classroom learning if learning style preferences differ.


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Support for Online Learning

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There is a popular misconception especially by the older generation that you can’t learn whilst sitting in front of computer screens.  Although arguably that this as a sole source of education might not be completely advisable, the reality is that you can learn to do pretty much anything from an internet enable computer.

For example, I had a rather annoying leaky tap last week and had resolved to fix it despite having no plumbing knowledge.  So I sat down at my computer and ten minutes later was watching a YouTube video where a plumber repaired the exact same tap as me.  Another ten minutes later, well not including a quick trip to the hardware store, and I had completed the fix something that I was intending to call a plumber for.   The fix was incredibly simple and only required the specific knowledge of how to dismantle the tap and replace a particular washer – the internet turned me (albeit it briefly) into a plumber.

This is just an example but I’m willing to guess that many of us routinely type in little maintenance jobs into Google looking for some guidance.  It’s so easy compared with traipsing down to a library or book store and spending ages trying to find something to help.    You will be amazed at the number of videos and web sites exist just with the idea of helping us solves these everyday problems.

library-979896_640 (1)

So how does this transfer into other skills, perhaps those with more of an academic side?  Well there’s just as much help for anyone wanting to learn virtually any subject, thanks to lots of educational sites and the rise of the MOOC – massive open online courses.   You can learn anything from psychology to a beginners guide to quantum mechanics, what is more you can learn from some of the most talented teachers on the planet if you know where to look.

One of the forerunners of these sort of educational online courses was the BBC, here’s for instance one of their Online Learning Pages – BBC Online Course.  Here you’ll find links to courses on cooking, basic skills, numeracy, gardening, history and many, many more subjects.  All of them are free, and most are top quality – want to learn a language?  There’s a selection of 12 week online language courses available for most popular languages.  Imagine someone could learn English from anywhere in the world, then practice and reinforce their teaching by watching TV shows in English too.  Although it should be mentioned that the BBC iPlayer application doesn’t work outside UK unless you use something like this – BBC iPlayer USA. It’s basically a method of hiding your real location by using a VPN server based in the UK.

The internet has changed the whole face of education in only a couple of decades.   No longer is there any reason for anyone to be denied access to a proper education, there is help on virtually anything available online.  The great Universities of the world are also engaged as they realised early on that it’s just as easy to stream a Professors lesson to the entire planet as it is to a lecture theatre with a few dozen privileged middle class students.

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Looking Back at the Jack Vettriano Exhibition

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For those who have followed the artist Jack Vettriano over his 20 plus years career a must see exhibition is due to open shortly. It’s based in the one time city of culture Glasgow in the halls of the wonderful Kelvingrove Art Gallery. To my knowledge it is the biggest exhibition of Vettriano’s work ever. The artist is said to be thrilled as the exhibition covers his life work from his early days.

It starts many Saturdays ago (28th September, 2013) and will finish in February 2014. It looks to be a fascinating insight into the artists work who was completely self taught. He is not universally liked despite huge sales of his prints (outselling the likes of Dali and Monet). Many art critics say his style is too traditional and predictable, the public however seem to largely disagree.


This picture entitled – The Billy Boys is very popular in print and poster format and was actually inspired from a promotional poster for the film Reservoir Dogs.

Venttriano has often been quoted that he refuses to change the way he paints in order to appease the critics. He assures his fans he has no intention of changing his style to seek critical acclaim.

It’s a great chance to catch some of the artists work, especially as many of the pieces have been loaned from private collections and may not appear in public again. There have been some glimpses on British Television of the artists work but it’s quite difficult to watch BBC TV in the USA so this is a great chance for fans. Although this method may help –

It’s available on YouTube as well entitled BBC Iplayer in Ireland.

As well as Vettriano’s best-known paintings, the exhibition will also feature examples of his erotic works such as Game On and The Parlour of Temptation. All the paintings featured will be on loan from private collections and many are going on public display for the first time in close to 20 years.

Investigating Forensic Archaeologists at the Mackintosh Library

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It’s not a common career you here mentioned but for the rebuilding of the fire damaged Mackintosh Library in Glasgow, it’s a vital role. Experts are hoping to find both items that could be restored or at least help with the building’s restoration.

The library, has been recognized worldwide as one of the greatest examples of art nouveau on the planet – was almost completely destroyed in May this year. The Archaeologists have previously worked in similar scenarios such as the fire in Windsor Castle in 1992.



Much material has already been removed by the library’s owners the Glasgow School of Art. They have been supported by organisations like Historic Scotland. This stage is however arguably the most complex in the restoration procedure.

Although it looks like the library was almost completely destroyed, there are still significant remains and it is hoped that valuable fragments will still remain. Obviously there are many records of the previous design in place mainly stored in archives. However recovering original items will be of great use to supplement these records during the rebuilding process.

The restoration process itself will be carefully documented to provide an accurate archaeological record which will help detail where and what material was salvaged. The building has many international admirers and sponsors including the actor Brad Pitt. He described the building as one of the greatest artistic buildings in the world, it has always been one of my favourites.

There is no timeline yet on the restoration, it is expected to take a considerable amount of time. Some experts have however predicted that it may be back restored and functioning in maybe four or five years. There are numerous programs being broadcast in tribute to both Mackintosh and his famous art gallery. Also there will be frequent updates on the restoration on UK TV especially on BBC Scotland – US viewers can access by using this information.

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Developing the Online Learning Model

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Blended learning models and online classes would appear to be the newest craze in modern education but an unexpected number of pupils may reap the benefits of new technology in the classroom: special education students. Virtual software may be tailored to especially help the needs of students with impairments.

According to Education Week, some schools are providing on-line speech therapy classes with video action and digital courses designed specifically with all the needs of special education pupils in your mind are being compiled by other schools. Previously, present online courses would be customized for students with handicaps.


Lindsey L. Taylor teaches science, introduction to mathematics, and algebra courses to pupils with handicaps at Ashbrook High School in Gastonia, N.C. The classes are developed by the state’s virtual schools for her pupils with a variety of impairments, including ADHD, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiance, autism, and cerebral palsy.

The number of people able to access these virtual classes has been growing steadily over the last  year or so.  Even in some countries with very restrictive internet policies, students have been using the same techniques they use to watch BBC TV abroad that is VPNs and proxies to bypass these blocks.

Based on Education Week, Taylor has found a “measurable impact” from utilizing the virtual classes.

“Even though my students mightn’t be on class level, the growth they’re making is enormous,” she said.

This past year, the state – which calls pupil test scores on state tests – predicted that one student in her biology class would score in the 2nd percentile. That pupil ended up scoring in the 82nd percentile, Taylor said. The majority of her other seven pupils made important advancements also.

Taylor believes these changes can be attributed to the virtual school’s mix of online and hands-on lessons designed specifically for her pupils. As an example, the classes use tools to convert text to speech and deliberately duplicate simpler vocabulary words. Each class also features an online teacher in the school that is virtual.
Blended learning for special education students provides more personalized instruction, said Sean J. Smith, a professor of special education at the University of Kansas, based in Lawrence, and a principal investigator for the Centre on Online Learning and Students with Handicaps.

“There is a nature of individualization that blended and fully on-line learning offers that could really support individuals with handicaps in that environment,” he said.
But, the concept might not be fiscally attractive to companies.

John Harrison

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Online Education Site to be Acquired by Linkedin

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The digital world has seen a huge acceleration in acquisitions recently with many of the smaller sites being bought out as the big firms try and consolidate and expand into new markets.  Linkedin clearly sees a move into the online learning market to be a logical step for the professional networking site.

Professional network LinkedIn is getting to the professional abilities instruction market in a big way: The social company bought, the online learning business founded in 1995 by technical skill instructional book writer Lynda Weinman and co founder Bruce Heavin.

linkedin-400850_640 is certainly the go to resource for online learning on areas like Photoshop, essential HTML, CSS, management practices and several more, offering instructional videos and tutorials from industry specialists and veterinarians long before e-learning was at anywhere close to the level of interest it enjoys today.

It might not be a household name to all but for many it is an important resource which  they use virtually everyday.  Indeed students come from all over the world and in many cases invest in tools like this UK VPN, to bypass filters and blocks that may be applied from their particular country.

The acquisition is valued at $1.5 billion total, combining 52 percent cash payout and 48 percent stock, with an expected close date sometime in the second quarter of this year. “Most” workers will join LinkedIn as a portion of the deal, according to a release from the companies.

In a blog post addressing the deal, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner talks about how his company go is helped by the acquisition towards a goal by providing equitable access of linking job seekers with jobs. LinkedIn head of content products Ryan Rolanksy describes a future by which job seekers are not just made aware of skills needed for places they’re trying to get, but may also take courses to get those skill instantaneously through the social network.

LinkedIn is not saying exactly what its plans are for the schooling resource only yet, but Rolansky does say that stays open for business and accessible to users as they work collectively on what comes next.

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Some Advantages of Distance Learning

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The fiscal pressures positioned on individuals now are staggering. With gasoline prices soaring through the job market becoming increasingly competitive as well as the roofing, and an economy striving beneath the weight of foreclosures and bankruptcies.

It makes sense that any individual in the workplace must seek out an edge that keeps people ahead of the work place competition with one of these realities surrounding us. It’s tough and will only get worse, as competition increases and on a global scale. Incidentally if you find your access is blocked to any of these sites, then you may need to hide your real ip address, this video could be useful –

The true problem, nevertheless, is the best way to balance the routine demands as well as our daily lives with all the need to pursue an advanced instruction via conventional university programs. The truth of the issue is the fact that not many individuals possess time to attend a course anymore.

Distance learning is the current manner people who have hectic schedules receive a better instruction and load their resumes with university degrees that are exceptionally lucrative. Plus companies understand the worth as a character trait to get someone who, does not need so that you can pursue a degree, to drop out of life.

Simply look at proliferation today and you’ll see that though distance learning was looked down upon by conventional universities, by offering entire degree programs now these same universities have jumped in the bandwagon. As well as the fact is the fact that distant classroom learning to an entirely new degree has been brought by distance learning.

It Is not So far Worse Than Yesterday

It was once the old correspondence failed to translate well into modern interest in educated workers. If you’re old enough you might recall the Sally Struthers advertisements that then mentioned getting your degree by means of a correspondence course and talked of making more cash.

And today’s distance learning associations have stepped to the challenge by offering an instruction that both rivals the very best on-campus courses and still allows you keep your occupation and to live your own life

Jenny Hargreaves
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Studying for a Degree at Home – Distance Learning

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In the mid-19th century America, the postal system was used by teachers to impart knowledge to those who couldn’t attend conventional schools to get various reasons. People who profited from it were pupils with physical impairments, people who have occupations that caused it to be hard to allow them to attend school or people who lived in far flung places that did not have schools that are appropriate.

But there are a number of typical variables that differentiate distance learning pupils from those that attend on-campus programs. The former are usually older and the majority of distance learning juggle their instruction with other obligations like family obligations or occupations.

Distance education the former has evolved a whole lot within the past two centuries. Technological progress is among the most important factors leading to the change. Just how distance education is disbursed with it has come vast development in the standard of distance learning classes as well as an alteration in public understanding about distance learning and has changed beyond imagination.

Education Technology

Although distance education has consistently used the common communication technologies to reach pupils, never gets the use been successful and widespread as it’s been with the introduction of the internet.

The Internet has really made it easy for pupils to attend lectures at home that was sitting before their PCs via videoconferencing. They can also attend virtual lecture, chat with their fellow students and have tutorials with their tutor. Students can also access all sorts of normally country restricted material by investing in a VPN or proxy, try this for help choosing one.

While some on-line distance education classes require students to spend part of the time on campus, no classroom presence may be needed by others whatsoever. The teaching methods may differ from university to university, in imparting good quality instruction, but the common thread stays the generous utilization.

Just eight percent of institutions reported using mainly print-based records as the method of education.

Growing Popularity

If distance education was God it’s a blessing for quite a few citizenry that is rural. It offers them the opportunity to improve their abilities from everywhere at their particular tempo, and on their particular agenda. Without overhead costs like fuel and automobile for commuting to a dorm or school for accommodation, distance education additionally seems to be a cheaper alternative for a lot of families.

Technical Citation:

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Considering Home Schooling? Some Useful Strategies

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Perhaps you have seen the rise of popularity in homeschooling in the last few years – it is quite dramatic! It used to be a fringe situation that very few families did for their kids.

Families today are taking their kids out of the public schools, and educating them at home, more than ever before. You may have your own reasons for taking your kids out of school and educating them at home. It comes down to giving your kids the best opportunity to learn and receive a quality education. If you have never done homeschooling, it can be very traumatic when you first start out. In this article, we will present several tips and strategies to help you with your homeschooling endeavor.

Reading is imperative. There are many books available that will give you instructions for homeschooling your kids. Read tons of them. You will be able to learn about a lot of recommendations and strategies that will help you become an amazing teacher and turn your kids into better students. All together, you need to be careful about how many books you read. Besides leaving you perplexed, reading too many of those helpful manuals is just too much to take in. Determining which advice is best to learn about can be a difficult task, as so many of these books are at odds with each other. Consequently, you should decide on a small number and then stop.

You can also use the power of the internet, there’s a whole wealth of resources out there.  It’s also worth investing in an inexpensive VPN/proxy solution which will allow you access to loads more educational resources.  This video – demonstrates how you can access the BBC programmes from anywhere in the world for example.

Read a high number of books that have information about the matters your child will be learning about. In any case, you happen to be a teacher. As your children complete their lesson, you’ll need to be able to answer the questions that come about. Read books on everything from mathematical theory to biology to works of literature. Reading a few lessons ahead just won’t cut it. You want to read years ahead, so that you know how to answer complicated questions that come up. Get started with kid’s books that are suitable to the subjects you plan to teach so that you can also educate yourself and then you can progress with adult books that are more thorny as soon as you feel like you understand the fundamentals of what you’ll be teaching.

It is okay to be flexible in your homeschooling. Routines can be a positive thing however you don’t have to feel compelled to have your child sit at a desk. You don’t have to set up a classroom style situation in your home. It is a better idea to deem it as having school in the home, as opposed to homeschooling. If you think it’s easier to have your kids sit down at the kitchen table than opt for that method. Sit on the floor if it is something you prefer. If your kids get bored in the morning or they are more focused in the afternoon, figure out how to take advantage of that. Homeschooling lets you loosen up and allows you to ditch the strictness of traditional classroom learning.

Homeschooling no longer carries the stigma that it used to. Homeschooling is socially acceptable as a viable way to educate your children in the same way that private and public schools are today. That doesn’t mean that homeschooling is easy though. Without a doubt, it can be difficult to do. Hopefully these tips and strategies in this article will help you and your children along the way.

Gavin Hastings
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Learning Finances From My Dad

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When I was in my early twenties my Dad taught me how to buy stocks because he thought I needed to get started saving and investing my money. He has always been a big proponent of buying solid companies and holding them to get better returns than you can in any other investment vehicle. 


I’m glad he taught me to get involved in stocks even though the stock market opens up at 6:30 in the morning every weekday on the West Coast where I live. That means for anyone who keeps a close eye on the market, they have to get up super early! Sleeping in means you may miss the early news and movement in the market and I hate missing out. 


For over 30 years now I have benefitted from the initiative he had to teach me something he could have kept to himself. Not only did he teach me about stccks but also about finances as well. Its those finance lessons that have kept me out of debt and on the road to a good retirement.



Commonwealth Scholarships – Distance Learning

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Many organisations have offered scholarships for students in less developed countries. However this is often a very expensive process, to sponsor a single student through three or four years of study with tuition fees and grants for living expenses is extremely expensive. Therefore these opportunities were limited to only a lucky few.

However with the incredible development of online learning courses throughout the world, these organisations are gradually switching to the online model and helping many more students receive world class educations from their own country.

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission is one of these organisations who are based in the UK. They are offering a Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship for students who wish to take a masters degree whilst based in their own country. The restrictions are that the student much be a commonwealth citizen and a permanent resident. There are some education requirements – the student much possess a first degree of 2:1 or above, or a similar level qualification.

The scholarships are awarded in all sorts of courses, ranging from development, crisis management, public health and forestry plus many, many more. The plan is one of the biggest in the world and has been in existence since 1959 helping nearly 30,000 pupils to this point.

The distance learning awards are a more recent addition but the reduced costs have ensured many more students can be helped than the traditional scheme. It is now much simpler to be able to participate in classes just using the internet. Many students in commonwealth countries like India already use special VPN programs for instance to watch BBC Iplayer like this.

The schemes deadline has passed for this year (May 16th) however interested students should get their applications in early if they want to apply for next year – here’s the link for application.

It’s an exciting time for distance learning, for the first time it should be possible to obtain a qualification from the world’s best UK universities in a variety of areas without having the huge expense of having to come to the UK and study.

Jenny Wilson: Education Online.


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The Highest Rated Universities in Germany

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The College of Munich is the top university in Germany according to the Educational Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). The ARWU is released by the Institute of Higher-Education in the Shanghai Jiao Tong College and many indicators of educational or study performance are employed to create the position, these contain highly cited scientists, articles indexed in main citation indices and employees winning Nobel Prizes.

There are twenty nine German colleges in the Phrase’s Best-500 colleges (2008). The Most effective-5 colleges in Germany are: 1. University of Munich (rated 55th in the planet); 2. Technology College of Munich (rated 57th); 3. University of Heidelberg (67th); 4. University of Gottingen (90th); and 5.

Compared to other OECD nations, Germany comes with a normal density of top colleges: 0.5 colleges per 1million inhabitants in Germany in comparison with 0.4 for all OECD nations in general.

It’s a big university with 44,405 pupil (63per cent female). International pupils represent 1 5% of the pupil residents and also the University is an associate of the German Excellence Colleges.

The college is found in the lovely city of Munich, which can be in the south of Germany. It’s a city with excellent museums, a dynamic market plus a high standard of living. To find out more concerning the College of Munich. You can get lots more information directly from the college, or if you want an insight into the role the University plays in the community try watching some of the German news and broadcasts which are available online. You may need a German proxy like this video demonstrates.

The reason this method works is normally all the German media sites are not accessible outside Germany, they look up your location when you connect. The method above use a proxy server to hide your real location and instead present a German IP address to the media site – works a treat!

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Introducing a Worldwide Perspective to the Classroom

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Having a worldwide perspective in the schoolroom enables many more hyperlinks for kids and also the entire world where they reside. It supports connections in youngsters’s daily lifes. It is preserves fundamental values including inclusivity, recognition and a perception of individuality and shared obligations towards the world. Global Training contains views including mutuality, globalisation, peace and conflict-resolution, sustainability, identification, associations along with a confident outlook towards diversity.

Kids are growing up in a environment where the planet is their oyster-actually! They are currently technology-savvy, the internet is at their finger tips and they’re not frightened to utilize it. In the television series and motion pictures they have been viewing, the nightly information and a knowledge of where assets and products come from, these children are worldwide. And that might be without going everywhere.

The the fact is nonetheless, these children may also be travellers. More households are passing in their own working life and international vacations are frequently experienced by many youngsters growing up. Their eyes are sharp to view the entire world and you’ll be able to bet they’re going to get there after, when it is not during elementary school!

One method that can bring great dividends in the classroom is to use the internet.  There are many resources available online, including lots of fun activities.  For example why not introduce some foreign language tuition by watching their favorite TV shows in a different language.  For example you could watch the Simpsons in French, on this channel M6 Replay – French TV online is accessible if you use a tool like this video demonstrates

It’s amazing how young people engage in lessons based on this format, and using some French vocabulary without even trying – try this French video also.

With younger kids, they will frequently know of a close friend or peer who’s from another state or have their particular relatives that reside someplace else. It’s our job as teachers to set these hyperlinks upward for them-and continue them in their own learning. Studying is useful when youngsters are engaged. Global Education permits youngsters the chances of seeing their part in the whole world. Global Training raises consciousness and may empower kids to instigate some facet of positive modification. They start leading to a more just planet. And it’s also all only a ripple impact. Putting that seed might allow them to instigate a long term change. What’s more important than that? Your job as an instructor can be quite powerful.

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Online Learning Over the Internet

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The accessibility to on-line schooling has exploded substantially within the last decade also to the stage where it’s now an alternative that virtually all school and university pupils think about when evaluating their schooling choices. You cannot only do internet degrees and on-line classes, however you can totally go attend an internet school and graduate using a diploma without actually setting foot in a schoolroom.  Many of the world’s greatest colleges and universities are embracing the opportunity especially in Europe and the USA – see this video for help if you need access to American ones.

Though it is currently a viable choice there are sound arguments concerning the advantages and cons of on-line classes, online degrees, and internet schools. This  article will have a look in the pros along with the disadvantages of on-line instruction.

The Advantages of On-Line Instruction Schools

The majority of the pros revolve round the ease and versatility that on-line classes offer to pupils, as it pertains to internet schools. Those that urge for internet schooling regularly mention these pros:

  • There is no commute
  • You may continue to perform and pursue your vocation while heading to school
  • On-Line school choices continue growing and there’s no lack of internet instruction degrees to contemplate
  • Several of the leading universities and schools now provide programs online
  • Place isn’t any longer a large of a variable when determining which college to attend
  • On-Line instruction is perfect for many people who favor an online learning environment and tend to be more introverted
  • It is the perfect alternative for those who have physical impairments
  • Individuals regularly are far more comfortable participating with others in an internet surroundings

In regards to the disadvantages connected with on-line schools, the majority of the disadvantages are associated with isolation and too little interaction in the schoolroom. Those that contend against schooling regularly mention these disadvantages:

  • There is a deficiency of human interaction
  • You lose out on the school experience
  • There is some thing to be said in regards to the conversations and arguments that happen in a conventional classroom setting
  • Quality of teaching is usually challenged
  • Some companies still see on-line degrees as less credible than conventional degrees
  •  The burden to finish class work is entirely for you – some individuals will have problem with this
  • On-Line classes open the doorway for procrastination

There are some advantages and you will find some disadvantages about on-line instruction. While it’s suitable for most people and subjects, there’s something to be said in regards to the possible lack of interaction and caliber of instruction that one can receive online.

Many of these courses take advantage of online media and educational material to be found on the internet, you’d be well advised to make sure you can access these from your location.  It might be useful to invest in a proxy program like this on Youtube.

Overall, when contemplating your schooling choices, you must take into account the scenario that makes most sense for you as well as your present scenario. Sense may be made by an online school for you personally, or it could not. The option is yours! Simply ensure you fairly consider all your choices prior to creating a final judgment.

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Education Grants for Military Service

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According to this military pay chart, you can earn pretty decent money while also getting free money to pursue your education via distance learning.  A very large portion of all distance learning students in The USA are in the military.  A disproportionately large amount of active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines make up many distance education programs that cater to the needs of military students and make it easy to use benefits.  All branches provide some form of tuition assistance to students so it makes sense that so many of them pursue distance education.  Due to the demands of the military working schedule, most aren’t able to attend traditional classes, making online education ideal for most of these students.

Many ex-military find the transition back to civilian life very difficult and education can give them that focus to help the process.  There’s no requirement now to book into some strange campus far away from home either, you can use grants to access online learning and obtain qualifications using the internet.

Universities and colleges across the world now offer qualifications globally often at a significant discount to their traditional routes.  From some locations you may need to have to reroute your connection, it’s often best to use a high speed VPN to protect your connection and hide your location like this video explains.

Using a Virtual private network like this means you can effectively access your course from anywhere even if you travel. All the data, including the personal details will be encrypted and protected even when using an insecure access point in a cafe or hotel for example.

Many people have to use these connections, for example when they live in countries which effectively filter internet connections. Some of these countries are surprising, did you know that Turkey operates one of the largest internet blacklists on the planet? If you’re course, college or University has any sort of content which might upset a fundamentalist Muslim then there’s a distinct possibility that the web site might be blocked too.

Learning about Glutera on the Internet

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There are so many beauty products that being published online todays. Beauty product is very popular because there are a hundred women who search for it every single day. Including you, right girl? But the first thing you should pay attention is what it is made from? I think you should be very careful to choose the save and effective one. Glutera beauty and health supplement is one of the products that has been tested and has legal the license from the experts.

Glutera whitening is made from herbal ingredients and the main important thing is made from glutathione. Glutathione is known as the master of antioxidant that produced and needed by our own body. It is already proofed to be very convenient to make your skin white and shine. The direct benefit from this product for your skin is as anti-aging supplement that help the cell regeneration works faster to replace the ruin cell in our body. So girl even though there are so many beauty product that sold out there, you have to be very smart to pick the right one.


Educate Your Children To Love Others

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In a world where violence and cruelty seem to be common and almost acceptable, many parents wonder what they can do to help their children to become kinder and gentler to develop a sense of caring and compassion for others. Educate children to love each other and others creature can be started from a very small thing, stimulate their sense of empathy can be done by ask them the simple question as” Have you ever seen an animal that needed your help?” Did you try to help?” What did you do?” Is there anything you wish you had done?”.

Get a pet and create the relationship between the children and their pet can be a way to increase their ability to feel empathy which directly related to the ability to form relationships. Give them a cat and teach that they must feed it everyday, do not give automatic cat feeder yet , they need to learn discipline, they need to learn that love also mean sacrifice.

Relationships give children the feeling of security, which allows them to feel safe and move beyond their own needs. Children learn to care about others when they experience the feeling of being cared for themselves. And children have their own personalities and characteristics that parents can’t change or control. But there are some things that a parent can do to encourage their children to become caring, fair and responsible. Teach the children to love each creature since early will avoid violence during their growth.

Connecting the World

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The online world has opened so much up to people that may well have struggled to do certain things before the internet connected us.

One thing to have really benefited is distance learning. Accessibility for people of all backgrounds to take up these courses is always improving and being able to fit in your learning around work and other commitments is more appealing to many.

There are so many people that say they would they had done something but because of certain responsibilities that is no longer possible, well maybe it is. The freedom afforded to people by distance learning has opened many doors and we are seeing this in the various business opportunities that are being taken advantage of.

People who have gained skills and qualifications online are now taking things further by launching businesses and making the most of the internet to advertise them and build their brand. By making the most of marketing companies like people can realise their potential and push their ideas to reach the people they want to reach.

Many people are finding it difficult to find work or to progress how they might want to so branching out on their own is somethiing that is becoming a bigger option in day to day life. Thanks top distance learning, people can now get the skills they need to do this without having to sacrifice any of their normal, day to day life.


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My Kids Who Love Pet So Much

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My have three little kids who love animals the most. I do not know why since their father and I do not like animals that much. I mean yeah I like watching cute animals but never have the courage to hold them and so does my husband. So it is really surprise me to find out that all of our kids love animals so much. My oldest son has the most beautiful insect collection. The insect are alive, for your information. He is very responsible in taking care of them. Well even though sometimes I feel a little disgust when I enter his room but I am very proud of him. My seven years old daughter has seven kittens already right now. They all are stray cat that she found in the street. Every time I ask her to stop bringing stray cats home, she will look me in the eyes, and with her puppy dog eyes, she will say she could not let the poor things roaming around without home and food. Well who could say no to that cute puppy eyes. I always defeat every time she did that to me. Then my youngest son simply cannot let go of the animals that already in his arm. He does not even care whether the animals have an owner or not. Well with these three amazing kids my husband and I have very crowded house but we still very happy. Then because of many cats that needed to be feed, I finally buy an automatic cat feeder for them, why because I do not really want to touch that little fur ball, even just feed it by my own hand. Nevertheless, do not tell my kids please, that will break their angelic heart.  

Distance Learning Solves Problems

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One of the major problems facing graduating high school seniors and their families these days is that there are too few schools and not enough spots for everyone whom wants to go to college.  The second and perhaps a more important secondary issue is that, people can’t afford the prices being charged by many college’s.  Here’s how the math works, the average college education now is going to cost you about $120,000.  In order to save that amount of money you are going to save at least $300 per month starting on his second birthday to make up the difference.

For someone like me, that means selling only a couple of extra gift baskets, but for the average family on a fixed income….how can you possibly make the math work when the average parent like myself has over twenty thousand dollars in loans themselves, necessitating a payment on a month basis of at least $400.

How does anyone afford to eat?


Use Distance Education to Calculate Loan Payments

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When it comes to taking out a first time loan or simply refinancing a loan that you previously held there are a few basics that can help make the process a bit easier overall. Using a loan payment calculator like those offered on PaymentBot can help to make selecting and using any payment far easier than going it alone. The first thing that any user should understand about payment calculators is what they do. For starters, these calculators take into account several different variables that help to calculate an accurate payment estimate. Things like interest rate, amount of principle loan, credit score of the borrower and duration of the loan are all taken into account to insure an accurate estimate.

Though these calculators are calibrated to help insure an accurate estimate, they may vary from institution. Another thing to remember is that each loan has different stipulations. Finding something like PaymentBot which takes several different types of loan into account can help to insure that you understand what payment may be associated with each type of loan that you may potentially take out. Taking the time to understand the loan that you are taking can help make all the difference when it comes to the accuracy of the calculator that you use.

If you’re trying to access these tools from outside the USA remember that they are specifically tailored for this specific market not for other countries.  Interest rates, charges and all sorts of other factors will affect the costs of a loan in another country not to mention currency exchange costs.   In fact if you are trying to conduct financial transactions over the internet remotely then you should be especially careful about security.  Invest in something like a VPN in order to protect your data and connection, this is one I use although I chose it initially because it worked best with my media requirements – best VPN for Netflix.

Though a service like PaymentBot can help to determine an estimated monthly payment, it may be necessary to look at several different types of payment calculator, several different types of loan, and several different lending institutions in order to figure out the best payment for you and for your individual needs. Taking the time to really consider what a payment calculator does and is capable of prior to depending on it to create an accurate estimate is the key to getting a tool that is useful rather than simply confusing.

Jeremy Halliwell

is author of book – is VPN safe? 


Learning About Online Shopping

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Have you tried to search online shopping in the internet, you’ll know that they are a lot of result that come out in your search enginee. Maybe you have read about women online shopping or sport shoping center. But do you know how you pick the one that you are looking for. is a good start to decide what online shopping you’d like to follow. This website provides unique women canvas bags, pounch, wallet, and so on.

It is a right place where you want to search women bags that has great quality yet has lower price. Unfortunately the site is in indonesian languange. If not mistaken, i found it by googling with keyword “tas wanita” (women bag) or “tas cantik” (beautiful bag). Indonesia is like my second home for me, sometime i visit a city namely bandung. In short, bandung is similar to china, you can buy almost everything with very cheap price.

The desain of these bags are very unique and different from other bags. The unification of color is appropriate for girls and young women. Because the owner uses the contrast color in her bags. Animal and nature desain are chosen to complete these wonderful bags. Women bags have various kinds so that provides that with intelegent option for women to wear. if you want to buy women bags this website is best option.


Online Universities for Language Studies: Assessing the Web Design Pricing Factors

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The Internet is a curiously apt teaching platform for language education, as it offers so many convenient features that books generally cannot provide. By using the Internet to teach students, a teacher-student relationship can also be formed over great distances. Students no longer have to be physically near a teacher or other students in order to interact and learn. If you want to set up this kind of website, the web design pricing will usually be determined by the difficulties that have to be overcome.

A Wealth of Information

The Internet can offer a lot more information than even the most comprehensive print libraries. Articles and books can be read online, and your website does not even have to come up with the information from scratch. Your website can simply offer links to some of the information and reading materials that are offered freely on other sites. Your site can also offer pronunciation guides in audio file form, which is a very useful feature that no print dictionary can match. Chat rooms can also be offered so that students can interact with each other, as well as with native speakers of the language they are trying to learn. All these features would necessarily affect the web design pricing, but they would also be immeasurably helpful.

Monitoring the Student’s Progress

The progress of a student can also be monitored through online tests, which have to be passed in order for the student to proceed to a more advanced lesson. Such tests may not be limited to multiple choice questions, either. In fact, tests may also be offered which can gauge a student’s ability to pronounce words correctly as well.

More advanced features will invariably increase the web design pricing, but such features may also attract more students to enroll in order to recoup the costs.

Learning About Automatic Pet Feeder

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Do you love your pet? What do you do to show your love to your pet? The answers are you and your time. So what is going to happen if you are a busy person, can you still show your love? In this case you need to learn about automatic pet feeder.

Think about having best automatic pet feeder and you will learn to feed  them well balance meal because it actually works as your expected. Automatic cat feeder is a very broad topic having a lot of information that has to be consumed. However, it’s not required to try to memorize all of the facts in a brief time frame. If you merely concentrate on one aspect at the moment, you’ll be able to achieve far more ultimately.

Distance Learning Tools – The iPad

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For those of us lucky enough to own an iPad or similar tablet then we can probably appreciate how it’s destined to make an impact in to the field of distance learning.  Every time you think it’s reached some sort of limit, someone develops another app or application, I even managed to learn how to watch the BBC outside the UK on my iPad last week – here’s how!

So although I was very pleased to hear about the University of Leicester’s new distance learning MSc in Security, Conflict and International Development, I was not completely surprised.  The course has been designed to be studied in a very mobile way, because many of the students will have little access to the internet for much of their time.  So the traditonal distance learning model was not quite suitable for those students.

Instead each student was given an iPad with a bespoke learning application, plus all the course materials downloaded.  There were some worries about the investment of these devices but so far there have been no accidents or loss of any of the tablets.  The MSc students have been very pleased and supportive of these new distance learning methods and view it as the education of the future.

Leicester are not the only ones who are looking at these mobile platforms to help deliver distance learning courses.  Of course the Open University in the United Kingdom are one of pioneers in this field, they have been delivering distance learning courses for years already.  There internet based courses are very well developed and the delivery of courses, the marking and feedback mechanisms tried and tested over thousands of students.  But they too are developing a new generation of interactive course materials which will be primarily delivered by tablets and smartphones.

The unit costs of these devices are falling all the time of course and this makes it much more appealing.  But for the Universities there are other benefits – in some areas an internet connection and desktop/laptop computer are quite rare.  However there are much fewer places which don’t have access to smart phones and a reasonable telephone network.

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Learn About Investment Growth

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Making a smart savings decision is something that many people will struggle with. In fact, many of these people will make decisions that are not within their financial interest because of a lack of information and the ability to do the math. The result of this would be missing out on a chance to increase their savings. When you find yourself in the position of dealing with different savings options, you want to make sure that you are able to compare them. An interest calculator would make this process easy, you would simply enter a few numbers. Once you do this, you would be able to place each savings options against one another in order to find the one that would help you to increase your money in the shortest period of time.

An interest calculator can be a very useful tool when it comes to saving money. Do not make any financial decisions about your future without having the ability to compare interest rates and avoid common mistakes that many people make. The money that you are putting into a savings account belongs to you. It has been hard earned through your labor, this is something that you should remember. When you are determined to make the right move with your money, you will find that this is a tool that makes a very big difference. Making use of it on a regular basis would help to make sure that you are not limiting yourself to small returns on your investment.

Distance Learning in Wine

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winemaking facility at UC DavisDistance learning in the wine industry is definitely a new thing, in fact only a few years ago no distance learning courses existed anywhere.  For someone looking for wine clubs online there were literally millions of choices, but if they wanted to learn how to make wine in their garage it simply wasn’t possible-does that make sense to anyone else?  Me neither.

Luckily, UC Davis (the leader in winemaker education in the United States) now offers an online certificate program.  Yes, it is only a certificate, but it does give people an inkling into the world of wine and probably helps them get a foot in the door at the best graduate program for wine in the world.


Getting A Great Start

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People who want to start their own business often can’t just jump in. Making the transition over from other employment and making sure you have the funds to start can often make this process quite slow. One thing that can help during this process is taking up a distance learning course that will help your understanding of running a business and get you prepared and ready for what might come your way.

Even when you get started various things will be difficult to come to grips with straight away. Things like dealing with tax returns are never going to be easy so it can be well worth your while to find yourself a recommended and reputable company like those at and then at least you will not have that to think about and can concentrate on taking your business through the difficult starting up period.

Depending on what your business is for it is also recommended to get a good website, if you happen to be in the business of selling things then you will be able to make sales online as well as get your company out there. It is also a great way to get in touch with customers and potential customers and stay in contact, in particular social media is great for that and this way you will be able to inform you customers of new products, sales or any such thing.

It is never easy to start a new business but with the right motivation and the best people helping you out along the way allowing you to concentrate on cwertain things it is a great way to work and there is an incredible feeling of pride when a new venture succeeds and goes from strength to strength.

If you happen to be thinking about starting up a new business then good luck and remember to work hard and stay focussed.



Education of the Future

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They are supposedly the way most education will be delivered in the coming years.  Why spend thousands, live away from home when you can study in the comfort of your own home.  Welcome to the world of the MOOC or Massive Online Open Courses.  There are now many of these including those run by some of the world’s top universities like MIT and Stanford from the USA.

It’s incredible when you think about it – MITx an online University where you can take real MIT courses for free alongside the University’s campus based students.  The course material is the same, interactive instruction and even an online laboratory.  You can even communicate with the professors to some extent although how that’s going to be practical with 50,000 students on some courses I’m not sure.   There is even the opportunity to earn certificates for successful completion of a course or module – imagine earning a qualification from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in your spare time.

Of course there are difficulties, connecting with other students is never going to be the same when you can’t meet them.  However as I have just found from completing an OU module – you can build up relationships on forums especially when they are carefully focused on your subject.

There are other issues regarding motivation, becoming actuvely involved and obviously getting any sort of relationship with a tutor going.  However all these issues have to be put in context, the sheer power of delivering a world class education to anyone in the world who has access to a simple internet connection

We are still in early stages, but it’s great that the module is developing in such an open way.  Hopefully we won’t find it being commercialised or restrictions being added like Geotargeting.  This is the process where you need a proxy to bypass content filters – a UK VPN will enable you to do things like access the BBC Iplayer or Hulu abroad.   There is no reason that the obstacles that do exist can be over come – it’s a hugely exciting period for education across the world.

Here’s a video I found about that last point I raised about content filters and restrictions – you can find it on YouTube too.

Worked perfectly for me although I do resent having to pay someone to allow me unrestricted access to the internet!

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Learning about the Ocean

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There is often a divide between learning and practice, theory and action. It is this divide that can make learning seem dry, uninteresting and slightly pointless. The word ’academic’ is often used derogatively to mean something that is removed from the ’real world’. It is this perception that educators must strive to combat.

The field of language learning is a good example of how this gap between studying and practical application is being bridged. The focus on taking language learning out of the class room with field trips and foreign homestays encourages young people and shows them the importance of studying a foreign language. It is boring to learn irregular French verbs but it can be great fun communicating with a French person.

Marine biology can be a hard subject especially all the Latin phrases to describe types, species and sub-species. A great way to provide new incentives to learn is to take students diving. The Thai island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand has a host of great dive sites nearby such as Mango Bay, Sai Daeng, Tanote Bay and Nang Yuan. Farther afield there is Sail Rock that is the only 5 star rated PADI dive site in the Gulf. Here divers can see whale sharks and experience a chimney swim through.

Koh Tao is second only to the Great Barrier Reef in the number of people it hosts for diving courses. Diving is cheap and the prices are reasonable. Accommodations in Koh Tao are also cheap and often in stunning locations on the beach.

Scuba students learn the theory behind diving and important lessons about preserving the underwater environment. The first experience of breathing underwater is frequently a magical one for people. It opens up a whole new world. For those studying biology it shows the wonder of life, the beauty of bio-diversity and definitely acts as a spur to more concerted learning.

Diving is a great example of learning and practice coming together.


 Lessons from economic downturn in Portugal

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Portugal is one of the countries that were greatly affected by the debt crisis that affected some countries within the European Union. These countries that were affected so much that they had to request to be assisted financially by international funding institutions as well as the European Union which Portugal is a part of. Due to the debts that Portugal had accrued and could not pay, there arose pressure that involved the financial markets indicating that the economical financing conditions were grim and a way out had to be found to keep the government and its citizens afloat.

One of the main reasons why Portugal was affected so severely by the debt crisis is because of the irresponsible spending that was done by the government leading to an economic downturn which has resulted in the request for poor credit loans to be able to avoid defaulting on payments on the loans that the country had. Even though Portugal is on its way to recovery there are some lessons that governments should pick up from their situation.

To avoid an economic downturn, governments should monitor their spending habits to ensure that they do not have so much debt that affects their economic growth negatively. Many countries have been known to neglect their budgets and soon discover that they are in the ‘red’ and need to borrow poor credit loans to be able to offset their debts while the country survives as well.

For countries that have a free market and their economy thrives because of export, there should be a balance within the state sector as well so that they are not stifling as well as burdensome which in turn introduces a lot of bureaucracy which slows down the economy of the country leading to an economic downturn.

Read more about the economic effects of a country’s poor credit rating here: click here

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Masters of Business NOT by coursework

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It is estimated by the education industry experts that millions of students enrol into one of the most overrated courses of all time – the MBA. Many people, especially students, take up MBA immediately after they finish their undergrad course. This trend is especially live and kicking in the East. However, what happens to those people who after undergrad start working and then never find time to get back to school? What happens to the aspirations of thousands of executives who work in large corporations intending to do their MBA? Well, the online education or e-MBA as it is called makes dreams come true without having to quit working.

The e-MBA is an exceptional and unique way to earn the MBA degree for working executives who find it difficult to take time off their careers and attend a full time college or university. The online MBA program gives you the freedom and access to submit the assignments by doing research on the field or internet. This can also be done over the weekends in the luxury of home. Weekends particularly are excellent times to work on assignments of the MBA for distance education. You can take time off for a coffee made by a quality coffee maker, grab a sandwich when you feel hungry and then get on with studies.

Education is and has always been a matter of investing money and time. It is therefore very important to check on the credentials of the university offering e-MBA and its study curriculum before enrolling into one. MBA is a stepping stone for most managers who apply for available promotions within their organizations. It also teaches a lot about accounting, people management, business English and most importantly, how one can run a general successful business.

One thing that is useful is to ensure that you do your research properly especially regarding colleges or organisations from different countries.  You can use remote connections to be able to check securely from your own computer for example using a UK IP proxy will ensure you can do your research on British educational organisations properly from a UK perspective.   Not only does it ensure your research is accurate but if you use a VPN then all your surfing is encrypted and nothing can be logged or recorded.

With Thanks:

UK Reference


Education on Phangan Island

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Thailand has an over 90% literacy rate. This is impressive for a developing country. Also the population is spread out over a wide area on the mainland and on many islands. The majority of the country are still connected to agriculture and although they are apt to pull their older children out of school during key harvest times of the year, the children still grow up with the ability to read and write and do simple mental arthmetic.

The situation is different on Phangan Island in the Gulf of Thailand. Like its neightboring islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao the economy of the island has moved away from coconut farming and fishing to the more lucrative business of tourism. Koh Phangan is special in that it hosts the monthly Full Moon Party that regularly draws crowds over 20,000. It is not only the parties that pull in the foreigners: the beaches of Thong Nai Pan, Bottle Beach, Than Sadet and Haad Yao are gorgeous and attractions in themselves.

The island has several primary and middle schools dotted around the island. Here the children receive the basic skills. These schools are often poorly equipped. Thong Nai Pan holds a festival once a year to raise funds for its middle school. The locals put on performances and people give up their time to cater for the event to generate revenue.

It is somewhat shocking to think that tourists pay over $1,000 a night to stay at hotels such Santhiya and Rasananda on Thong Nai Pan, and yet the locals need to encourage backpackers to attend fund raising events to make enough money to buy school supplies. The trickle down notion of wealth is deceptive. None of the large revenue generated by accommodation on Phangan Island resorts makes its way to the education system of the island. Moreover, development not only doesn’t help the children’s education it also turns their parents from small business owners to waiters and cleaners.

There needs to be a way of tapping into the enormous wealth generated by tourism in Koh Phangan to improve the educational facilities on the island. There is only one high school on the island of 14,000 residents. And it is a very bad school with high rates of truancy, deliquency and drugs.


Traveling is a Learning Experience

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It is a truism that is hard to dispute that not all learning takes place in the classroom. In life you meet many smart and knowledgeable people who have had only a minimum (if none) formal education. There have been nobel laureates who have completely mastered their topic by themselves without the benefits of schools and univesities. This is not to say that such things are not invaluable in a person’s education. Only that formal learning is not the be all and end of education.

I never really liked geography at school. This was because I didn’t like my geography teacher. Traveling, however, has taught me a lot about geography and it is now a subject that I really like.

Going to different countries not only better aquaints you with the map of the world and helps you remember the names of capital cities, it teaches you so much more. It shows you different cultures and how people have diverse life styles and sets of priorities. In Thailand you can discover the beauty of Buddhism and a gentle way of living. If you go to a party beach in Koh Samui such as Chaweng or Lamai it can also teach you how Westerners can behave very poorly abroad and how prostitution is intimately bound up with consumer demand.

I remember first going to Nepal. Trekkiing in the Himalayas convinced me that people were more than capable of living without police. And how communities that share resources can work out a type of socialism that is devoid of the pitfalls of ideology that only leads to the diasterous experiments conducted in Russia and elsewhere in the world.

Traveling can also reveal the arbitariness of ideas of modern ’civilization’. Notions of money, career, state are alien to aboriginal peoples from the Amazon to Australia. These older modes of living have much to teach us about living in harmony with nature.

In short traveling provokes self-analysis and analysis of the culture you come from. This leads to a deeper understanding of the self and the factors that have made that self.


What are Professional and Career Development Loans?

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If you are trying to develop your skills and job prospects, then a Professional and Career Development Loans can help you pay for your studies or training courses to enhance what you have to offer when applying for jobs or a promotion. These types of loans are effectively a bank cash loan, so you’ll still have to pay it back like any other loan but the difference is you do not have to pay back the interest for the time frame when you are effectively learning.

This is a government run scheme to help people get back into work and enhance the social economy. With the whole country facing recession and in major debt, the country needs more professionals earning money and making a difference to trades all over.

The amount you can borrow ranges from £300-£10000 and usually about 9.9% interest. You can use the loan to help with course fees, living expenses such as rent if at uni, books and any other costs associated with the course and learning. You cannot use the loan for any type of foundation or access course used to step into a degree type course, but you can use for a professional training that is needed to gain any qualifications. Alternatively you can get a short term cash loan if you only need a small amount for a short period of time. Obviously there is a higher rate of interest to pay, but they can be helpful to get your trained up.

So what can you use this money for?  Well the options are fairly flexible as long as they are related to education and professional qualifications.  It is important to remember that these are loans though and although there is more flexibility than traditional loans they still need to paid back including the interest charges too.    The key is to do your research before you take out the loan, and make sure that you make a proper investment in your future.

If you’re looking internationally, then you should be even more careful with your research – the internet is a useful place to start.  It’s worth investing in a VPN or proxy to get  yourself started with this research as this enables you to browse the web and access resources that may often be blocked from a different country.  This video shows you how to buy proxy services and enable to access different content with may be geo-blocked:

Again though you should be especially careful with investing in any training from outside your home country, make sure any qualification is internationally valid. There is absolutely no point in investing in a qualification that is not valid in your home country.

Further Reading:
Working and Studying in Paris: research via French proxy

Education is Key to Economic Success

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The idea that education is key to an economy’s success is not new and is generally universally accepted.  Where opinions often differ is on how to measure the progress of a body of students.  A great barometer for academic progress on the individual level is by use of a GPA calculator that incorporates a student’s performance.

Grades are an important part of a student’s life, regardless of whether she or he is in elementary, high school or in college. Good grades are particularly of great importance because they indicate comprehension of the study materials, and increases chances of success in the future.

You can use a GPA calculator to rate yourself academically, both in high school and in university. A GPA calculator will help you make a much wiser career choice depending on your final score. Some people use this tool to make predictions of what their future GPA’s will be, though this is not always accurate.

If you are transferring from one school or college to another, you will need a GPA calculator to determine your average score. This helps the staff at the administration desk in your new school or college determine where to place you, or if you qualify to take some courses or subjects in their school.

One advantage of GPA calculator is that it is easy to find one and is extremely easy to use. Once you get the basics of using one, inputting your grades is just a matter of filling the necessary gaps, and you will get a conversion immediately.   Many people use them from abroad in order to facilitate international study, for example you can use a VPN or proxy like this one which expats use to watch the BBC from abroad.

If your GPA is below average or lower than you would want it to be, then hope is not really lost. Using GPA calculator, you can find out how much effort and the grades you need to score in order to achieve your desired GPA. This is especially the case if you are about to graduate from high school and you average grades points are lower than those required by a college of your choice. With this as an indicator, you can work harder.

Doing conversions between the 4.0 and 5.0 GPA scales using a GPA calculator is one of the simplest conversions to do. All you have to do is deduct or add 1 to your GPA score. However, there are some limitations when it comes to such a type of conversion. For instance, if you have scored an F in any of the subjects or units you are doing, you cannot use this converter. Also make sure that you only enter your grades in upper case letters, because the calculators are sensitive to changes in letters casing.  Use this tool to monitor your progress in school, and you will witness an improvement in your overall grade.
You can find a good calculator on several websites on the Internet. Ask your friends or other acquaintances to direct you to a good website because there are many sites out there which will give you the wrong conversion.

Career counselors in your high school or college may also be a great source of information, if you want to use a GPA calculator. In addition, they will give you tips on how to use the calculator and other useful information related to your career choice. Do not hesitate to talk to a counselor in your school if you need any of these things.

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How to select the best curling irons

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When you’re in the market for a new curling iron, a curling iron buying guide which shows you how quality makes a difference, and that not all curling irons are the same can be a great help.

The first thing to know is just what I said a moment ago. Not all curling irons are the same. Buying a curling iron by just finding the cheapest one you can is being penny wise and pound foolish as the old saying goes. There are certain features that you should insist on having in your chosen curling iron. 

Ceramic Curling Irons
One of the first things to be on the lookout for is making sure that the curling iron is composed of ceramic and not just a painted on surface over an aluminum plate. Some cheap curling irons are made this way, and after a short time, the coating begins to wear off exposing the bare metal which results in a rough surface which catches your hair, and can result in burned hair in some instances. Real ceramic curling irons don’t come cheap. But they don’t always have to cost hundreds of dollars either. So read the curling iron descriptions carefully along with the reviews to get an idea of which curling irons are of real quality.

Negative ions
If you have ever noticed how static electricity can make your hair nearly unmanageable, you’ll appreciate this quality. Static electricity is composed of positive ions charging your hair and just as similarly charged magnets repel each other so do your individual hairs repel each other. A curling iron which emits negative ions neutralizes those positive ions and your hair becomes far more controllable and smooth. All good quality ceramic curling irons emit negative ions. Many manufacturers embed nano tourmaline or titanium in the ceramic of their curling irons to increase the negative ion production.

A moment ago I mentioned nano tourmaline. This simply refers to the tiny particles of tourmaline which can be embedded in the ceramic of a quality curling iron. Adding tourmaline increases the negative ion production and makes your hair smoother and easier to manage. Although some claim that tourmaline can increase static electricity, many hairstylists insist that this just isn’t the case at all and love their curling irons with nano tourmaline.

Another negative ion booster added to curling irons to increase negative ion production is titanium. In fact titanium produces the largest boost in negative ions and as an added bonus it makes the surface of the curling iron smoother and increases heat conduction. Titanium infused curling irons are known to significantly decrease curling time. In some cases by as much as 40%. For hard to straighten hair, titanium is a great choice.

The addition of silver to a curling iron only makes it less prone to harboring bacteria. It affects your hair curling not at all. It’s good for hygiene, but that’s all.

Now that you’re armed with the facts about how curling irons are made and why they use the materials they do, you’ll be ready to find the perfect quality curling iron for your hair. So know you that having a curling iron buying guide you also realize why quality makes the difference. That said you can also now look at the best curling irons 2012

Learning About Online Privacy

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I think it’s fair to say that most people think that what they do online is relatively private.  In fact many people rarely consider online privacy at all until something happens to raise their awareness.  For example a good friend of mine tried to arrange a susprise holiday for his wife on a significant birthday. Unfortunately the surprise was kind of ruined by a combination of cookies and web browsing histories on their shared computers.  When she logged in she couldn’t help noticing that the number of New York hotels that appeared in the browsing history and Googles auto suggest features.  Plus the custom adverts that appeared on many sites all seemed to be dominated by New York hotels, airports and tourism information.

For many of us this is how it starts,  we then start thinking who else has access to what we do online?  Well quite a few unfortunately, there are several problems – the protocol we use for most of our browsing is mostly all clear text.   THe internet transports this information over a huge shared network accessible to millions of people.  Lastly everything we do online is actually logged and recorded at a single point – our Internet Service Provider (ISP).  This is probably the one that worried me most, the idea that a single complete list of every web site I’d ever accessed was help by some teenage IT technicians at my ISP.

Information is power, our governments know it, advertisers and hackers know it and there’s more information floating around the internet than in any library on earth.  So is there anything we can do to protect our privacy a little when online.  Well there is, but it involves educating ourselves about the issues and the solutions.  As always there’s a lot of dis-information around online – some of the best technical knowledge on online privacy issues you’ll find here –  It’s casually written and a little rude in parts but there’s pages of information on all aspects of online privacy.


The Ninja Proxy

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Learning to use and modify website templates

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There are a large number of web templates on the website. When you have  better thoughts in which it will be simple for you to narrow down your wants. When you have decided on a template acquire it on your computer and set each of the files into a single folder. Making use of web design template helps you to obtain an exclusive website which stands apart through the crowd. A lot of sensible and also experienced companies are choosing to make use of a web design template, and staying away from employing a professional developer.

Select the template very carefully, and you will have an experienced design, carried out by the competent designer with all due focus on accessibility, specifications conformity, visitor quirks and plenty of other items that you will not want to have to discover from scratch. Avoid the frequent problems made when choosing web design templates. Don’t think that every single thing in the template may be transformed, effortlessly. Needless to say, something might be modified when you have graphics expertise, and for the amateur, if you’re not sure whether or not a selected graphic employed can be replaced from your own graphic, inquire the web template designer.

This is why it’s best to go with a template that the designer gives personal assistance pertaining to their designs. Occasionally one or more aspects of the template design are inbuilt areas of the particular template, and can’t be exchanged without having technical information. Great professional template developers will offer you any choices plan to carry out these kinds of purpose in your case. However, if you need a branded design, ask the template developer to acquire the template pertaining to a unique usage. This will raise the price, though, and depends upon the particular template without having sold.


Improving Education Outcomes – Exploring Pre Calculus Help

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One of the most difficult subjects for high schools students pursing advanced academic achievement is mathematics. In particular, one subject many students really have trouble with is Precalculus! Thankfully, there are a variety of resources available for students who need pre calculus help in order to achieve a satisfactory grade in this class.

The first – and traditional – means of getting a good grade in any mathematics class is simply to sit down and actually read through the text book. It is surprising how many teens claim they do not understand math, yet they have never actually set aside some time and tried to learn it in this manner.

Another option is to go online. There are plenty of websites dedicated to helping kids with developing their math skills – these offer Precalculus, Trigonometry, Geometry and Algebra help all. These sites range from highly professional well-funded outfits, all the way to sites individual teachers have created to help their own students. There is no rule saying kids can’t learn from more than one math teacher after all!

For students who are really struggling with Pre Calculus, help is available in the form of tutoring. While this can be expensive, many parents find hiring a math tutor for their child is well worth the expense. Some personalized one-on-one tuition can really make a difference in their grades, and potentially lead to them getting into a better college later in life.

With all these Pre-Calculus help options available, there is really no reason why any student need finish their semester with any grade less than A. A little hard work and perseverance will allow anyone to conquer this seemingly difficult subject.


Learning and Doing on the Farm

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One thing that I have found interesting over the past few years is that more and more elementary schools here in California are starting to have their own gardens.  As it turns out our schools are not performing as well on standardized tests as the rest of the developed world, but we are starting to realize that not every student learns in exactly the same way.

Some students learn better by observing and then doing.  Take a class by me, which has begun to grow an olive tree which I’m able to access using the best VPN USA which I could afford to hide my real location (the class was restricted to specific States) .  You can see it at work here:

They plan to bring the olives to a local winery which can help them make olive oil while learning about not only farming, but also tourism and how the wine industry here in northern California helps to support people who don’t actually sell wine.

Personally, that sounds like a great use of class time!

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Learn To Save Space When Gardening

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Gardening needs alot of room, one of the things that alot of us should do is to save as much space as possible, to allow us to grow more. For example if you are thinking of a greenhouse then you need to consider a lean to style.

You can put lean to greenhouses against a brick wall.  So you may decide to put one against the side or back of your house.  This also makes easy access to lean to greenhouses in bad weather as you do not need to go down your garden to get to it.  The other option would be against the side of a garage.  This is ideal if the garage walls form part of the rear garden.

You can put paving slabs down to walk on to get to the greenhouse.  The advantages of lean to greenhouses are the fact that they take up much less space than a free standing greenhouse.  So if you have a small garden they are ideal.

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Learning About Cat Litter Box Furniture Online

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If you are  a cat owner then it is likely that you care a lot for your cat and they are an important part of your family group.  Taking care of the cat and its needs is probably extremely important to you so you strive to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible to ensure that your cats life is as active and fulfilled as it can be.  This can lead you down all sorts of avenues such as finding the correct preventative and reactive medical care and buying accessories that help stimulate your cat so they do not become bored with life.

There are many places online that can help you in your goal of learning all about your cat but the onus is on you, the owner to make use of the information available and see to it that you gather all the information you need.  For example, did you realise your cat craves the utmost privacy when they go to do their toilet business?  This is why they creep off into the back of the garden, behind a large bush rather than going directly in the middle of your lawn.  The same goes for an indoor cat – they still want privacy.  This means you should at least buy a litter box with a lid but there are better options available, especially if you are very house proud and like to make your home look as beautiful as possible.

If you want to offer your cat some privacy and don’t like the look of a bare litter tray in the utility room then you should take a look at buying some cat litter box furniture.  These furniture pieces are designed to look like a normal end table or chest of drawers but infact have a litter tray within them so that the cat gets the peace they want, and you get an item of furniture that fits perfectly in your home. They come in all manner of designs and are available in a whole plethora of materials so that they fit perfectly to your current home decor.  It really is a win win situation!

Learning About Juicing Machines Online

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If you have spent any time searching for information on juicers, you’ll know that there are tons of different products to choose from. Perhaps you have read about centrifugal juicer and may even know how a masticating juicer works. But how do you pick the right one for your needs. We are going to learn the how to select one from the many juicers currently available.

Some websites offer provide a Breville Juice Fountain Elite vs Omega VRT350HD comparison. This would be a good place to start to decide whether a centrifugal or a masticating style machine would be most suitable. The choice is often between speed and versatility. Masticating juicer are great at juicing leafy green vegetables while centrifugal juicers don’t deal with them well at all. It’s also worth considering that on average, centrifugal juicers are cheaper.

If you talk to anyone who has been juicing for more than a few years, you may well hear that they started out with a centrifugal juicer and then “graduated” to a masticating style machine. This second type of juicer is often seen to be a bit more complicated. In reality though, it’s not difficult at all.

You can juice quicker with a centrifugal juicer but you can juice more things with a masticating machine. This is what you have to think about as you make your choice.   Of course, remember the cost and ease of your raw materials – it’s great to produce your own orange juice but if you live somewhere where oranges are costly it might not be practical.   I actually used my lawnmower to harvest some materials from my allotments – it’s here the Bosch Rotak 40 Rotary mower

A Healthy Mortgage for a Healthy Economy

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The sub-prime home mortgage crisis of a few years ago lead to a decline and contraction in many of the world’s largest economies.  This set off a chain reaction of difficult economic situations that still reverberates today and has resulted in fundamental changes in the world’s economic landscape – especially in Europe.  Today, the importance of healthy home mortgages is highlighted and is being given the respect that it deserves.  Smart homeowners who have an open mortgage loan use an amortization schedule to ensure that they fully understand where each mortgage payment goes and how to best budget this recurring cost.

It is widely assumed that the world got off easy from this major economic recession and that things could have gotten much worse.  In an effort to stave off a future collapse world governments have enacted a wide breadth of changes including austerity measures and widened regulations over the banking industry that provides mortgage loans to individual borrowers.

Favorite High School Class

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When asked what their favorite High School class is a lot of people will know their answer right away. It might have been Math, or English, or even Gym in many cases. Not for me. My favorite class was Drivers Ed. This class went far beyond me getting a license and a car.

Not only was my teacher funny, and taught us with great ease but I could see the benefits of me doing well very quickly. It was not a class you needed to store information from for years prior to randomly pulling out the information in a trivia game. I like this aspect of it.  I also loved to draw the accident scenes and cars on the  traffic accident claims practice forms. This was the highlight of my day. I could not wait to get into class and start my new adventures.  The teachers actually listened to you, and for once you could feel like an adult.

This all changed when my school finally managed to get some brand new computers and more importantly a decent connection to the internet.  It was in  the late ’90s and it was all pretty new but it was incredibly exciting.   I think the single point it changed was when the maths teacher actually set up a demonstration of how the internet worked.  We all sat down at our brand new computer lab and stared excitedly at the harshly contrasted screens.   The teacher started with demonstrating something called IRC which stands for Internet Relay Chat and showed us various tools which could be used to access the application.  It was basically a simple chat tool where you could connect to groups and talk to different people online, it sounds quite simple but in those days it was literally mind blowing.

We talked with some school children who were actually all from the USA, it was simply incredible – we were all completely blown away.  A simple technology that’s common place today but to this day I can remember that specific high school class.  Now it’s difficult to recreate that sense of wonder because technology has progressed quite quickly but it’s still possible to some extent.   For example I introduced some children to the possibilities that using VPNs and proxies now introduces including – how to access BBC iPlayer outside UK.   Then by switching connections to different countries we can see the web as they do, remember the internet is not the same wherever you use it – it differs hugely.

IF you connect through a VPN based in that specific country then you will see the country as they do.  So for instance, connect through a French server and you’ll get a French based experience – use a British VPN and you’ll get a UK internet feed wherever you happen to be.



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The Lack of Computers in Schools

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Technology has recently taken over the classroom. Computer education has become a big thing in school as well as the use of different computer and technological methods for teaching. But the downside to this is that the funding for schools that have a concentration of poor families cannot keep up in the whiplash environment of technology in their children’s education.

For many schools in poorer neighborhoods, there are not enough computers to serve all the students in that school, and yet sometimes these schools are sharing their computer labs with other schools as well. It has led to the term digital divide, which refers to the updates a school has or does not have on their computer systems and programs.

When many of these kids have no access to computers at home (if their families cannot afford one), they are very dependent on the school to be able to keep up with their studies. There ought to be more efforts into working on this divide so that no child gets left behind in the technology age.

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Learn the Product Life Cycle Development Framework

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For any entrepreneur or businessman who wants to launch a new, brilliant idea, it is critical to be familiar with the business framework used by strategy consulting firms known as product life cycle development.  There is a great PowerPoint presentation describing this in detail on  Here is the direct link to the Product Life Cycle document on that site.

To conduct proper product life cycle analysis, there are 5 phases to perform.

1. Define the industry.

This first phase is all about defining the scope of analysis.  First, be clear what industry we are evaluating, as this drives the scope.  To be more specific, define the SIC code for this industry.  Once the SIC code is known, we can construct a time series of industry sales volume.

2. Determine the level of life cycle performance metrics.

Business and product performance across 7 externals must be assessed.  These range from relative growth rate to number of competitors to technology innovation.  All must be carefully analyzed, which can be done through focus interviews and secondary research.

3. Identify the life cycle stage.

To identify the product life cycle stage, we need to create a matrix that maps the company’s performance to relevant life cycle stage across various performance metrics.  This matrix represents a life cycle scorecard against which your company’s performance is measured.

4. Forecast sales based on life cycle stage.

The Bass Diffusion Model can be used for this step.  Different growth parameters for the Bass Diffusion Model are determined by the industry (as determined in phase 1).  This step is critical, as it drives the financials that will drive business decisions.

5. Develop strategic hypotheses and action steps.

Finally, with all your ducks in a row, you can form your strategic hypotheses and accompanying recommended actions.  Clearly, the life cycle stage has specific implications for strategic and tactics selected by your organization.

The video below quickly runs through the framework.

The product life cycle framework can also be extended and applied to the BCG Growth-Share Matrix.

In fact, the strategic actions implied by Life Cycle Development depend on both the current stage, as well as the competitive positioning of the business or product in the market.  Using both frameworks, we can create a Strategic Positioning Matrix.

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What To Expect From Online Learning

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Education is not restricted by boundaries any more. With, the advent of Internet and faster communicating software to browse the web, listening to a lecture online or understanding appliance working, everything is made easy. Conventional ways of teaching are being replaced with newer and advanced teaching models. A classroom is not restricted to a single room; it is crossing all boundaries and covering all topics.

No more carrying books, or going to library, as everything is available at a click of the mouse. Learning has been influenced by technology in many ways. From ways of finding a study institute to enrolling or paying fee for an online course, everything has changed. Earning a degree online is easier and has its advantages. First being, timing convenience, where lectures are easy to attend and one can download the video and have it for future reference. There’s no need to take down notes when the tutor is teaching. All that’s needed is downloading the study material. Whenever you have time, you can hear lectures and study materials. Interacting with an online professor is also possible, when ones to get a clear picture of concept, you will need a fast proxy though.

Online video need not always teach bookish knowledge, you find many “how to” videos online these days.   I’ve just watched one now about how to create a US ip proxy so that I could watch the CNN news! Now, consider a company offering operational guide to an appliance, online, which makes it easier, to visit this company website after bookmarking and find ways of troubleshooting, in case there is trouble handling it. Educational videos are not restricted to classroom studies, they are available for a wide variety of topics, from using a coffee maker or automatic litter box, to getting a right Yoga pose or. Use them to learn a great deal.

Cordyceps and Education

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Learning & EducationMost people have used Cordycepsin several occasions but have never noticed it. Others may even be using it currently but have no elaborate idea on what they are all about. However, it is important for everyone to know the origin and the reason behind his or her reason for using Cordyceps. This kind of knowledge is very vital and can be of much benefit in several areas.

In the education on Cordyceps, one has to first determine what Cordyceps really is. It refers to a type of fungi or mushroom that enhances the growth of a caterpillar that is of several health benefits. Originally, it used to grow wildly in fields; however, various people are today cultivating most of them for commercial purposes. Cordyceps can today be grown based on the submerged culture whereby the mycellium is grown in liquids.

Cordyceps have been in use for several decades now in the treatment of several diseases that affect humans. This fungus is known for being able to cure a variety of ailments including sexual dysfunction in males, immune boosting, anti-aging among others. They can also work as an aphrodisiac, however to date it is still not clear, the mechanism of Cordyceps in the human body. Cordyceps education or knowledge is important in that every person is able to understand its benefits, the best form to use it and any effects that can arise from its use.

Cordyceps is ground into a powder form and made into capsules that can be taken the same way as tablets. This fungus has different properties that are beneficial to people with various health concerns. It has a notable effect on the blood condition of the body of the person using it. This is due to the oxidant qualities of Cordyceps, which help in the internal body cleansing. This property is very important in reducing incidences of problems arising from hypertension and other life threatening illnesses.